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Friday, August 11, 2017

Update 15 - Announcing the Announcement

If you've followed this dev blog for very long, you've probably seen a hint or two dropped that more has been going on behind the scenes than just VNgen. Well, the planets have aligned—literally—and that means it's finally time to take the wraps off the super-secret project I've been teasing all year.

But don't worry! Work on VNgen continues, so as is custom around here, we'll also be spending time looking at how it has changed and evolved over the past couple weeks too.

It's a bit of an unusual list this time around, so be sure to take a look after the jump!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Update 14 - Hands Off!

Last time, we took an in-depth look at some of the inner workings of VNgen and the challenges presented by adding very non-standard finishing touches on very standardized elements. It's an ongoing challenge, and one that will remain until VNgen's completion. For the past two weeks, however, that hasn't really been the priority. The problem with standard design is that it often leaves a few gaps behind, and the problem with non-standard design is that it often leaves a mess behind. This weekend, we'll be taking a look at how VNgen is cleaning up both, and how automation can make these and other tasks more convenient for the end user. Let's dive right in!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Update 13 - Shader Business

It has now been four weeks since text was first introduced in VNgen, and two weeks since the debut of X1, the site that will serve as the home for documentation for all my work, moving forward. That site is now live, by the way, and includes an official issue tracker to publicly manage bug reports and feature requests.

Needless to say, it's been a productive month all around. But as I said before, more often than not it's baby steps as opposed to huge leaps now that so much of the groundwork has been laid on my current projects. As a result, this weekend we have the opportunity to take a bit closer look than usual at what's happening in VNgen. Find out more after the jump.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Update 12 - Introducing XGASOFT and X1, the new face of ThinkBoxly Docs!

If you've been following this dev blog for a while, you may recall at the beginning of the year I announced that, along with converting this site into a dev blog, I'd be spinning off my other creative efforts into a separate brand, then called Shaft. However, due to potential confusion with a Japanese studio of the same name, I was strongly advised not to move forward with that branding. Well, it turns out coming up with names is hard, but after days (and days, and days) of bouncing ideas around and checking on their availability, I've finally settled on how to move forward.

Oh, and don't worry: VNgen is still making progress too. All this and more after the jump!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Update 11 - A Wizard is Never Late

As you may have noticed, it has now been four weeks since the last devblog as opposed to the usual two. A couple of weeks ago, I had some personal matters come up that put a halt to much of my usual work, but all that is now behind me and I am happily back to my regularly-scheduled programming—literally!

On top of that, big things are happening behind the scenes which will surely pay off over the course of the summer. But in order for much of it to happen, VNgen needs to be completed—and this past month has been huge in working towards that goal. Find out how after the jump.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Update 10 - Feature Creep (is not always a bad thing)

Between every major milestone in development, there are always a dozen smaller things that need to be changed, updated, or added. This weekend that's exactly where VNgen finds itself—at the threshold of great change, but in the meantime working through a handful of smaller matters. And yes, I do mean a handful this time, as opposed to the singular focus of the past couple updates. There's definitely reason to be excited, both for what has transpired in the past two weeks, and what's coming next. Because what's coming next is big news for everyone who's been eagerly anticipating VNgen's release.