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About this devblog (and blogger)

In 2012, I started ThinkBoxly as a tech news portal to showcase and hone my writing skills, and to channel my innate fascination with technology (which is a nice way to say nerdiness) in a productive way that could be helpful to others. Running the site became a perpetual experiment in not only writing, but also in code and design, and before I even realized it, I'd acquired a basic education in digital arts built solely on web tutorials and my own hands-on experience. My love for the arts caught me off-guard, and in a matter of time I began seeking ways to apply my skills toward telling stories.

In 2015, this pursuit officially led me into the indie videogame industry with the release of Edge Engine, a series of middleware designed to aid developers like myself with intuitive tools to handle common (and some not-so-common) programming tasks in the most flexible way possible. Edge Engine was an immediate success, and along with other tools I've written has since gone on to power numerous indie titles, even as I seek to create games and stories of my own.

This site is a record of that journey. Moving forward, you can expect to find updates on what I'm working on, progress reports for my middleware projects, and possibly a helpful bit of info for others on the indie path as well. If you're reading this, thanks for being a part of the experience!