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Edge Engine

What is Edge Engine?

Edge Engine is a framework of code and assets for GameMaker Studio designed by ThinkBoxly to give novice and advanced GML developers alike a solid foundation to build on for creating various genres of games on all major platforms. Edge Engine's modular nature enables it to be used as an ecosystem all of its own or piece by piece to suit each developer's needs. Each module aims to be elegant, human-readable, powerful, high-performance, and as easy as possible to use.

Edge Engine is not a standalone product and requires a registered license of GameMaker Studio Professional (version 1.4 or newer) to be used.

Divide and Conquer

Unlike normal game engines that require an all-or-nothing installation and premium subscription fees, each major component of Edge Engine is completely modular. This means that developers can use Edge Engine either as a whole or pick and choose just the components they need for their projects. And because it uses GameMaker Studio as its IDE, Edge Engine is able to be sold as a collection of assets—you only pay for what you use, and only pay for it once*.

All 1.x updates are free.

*per GameMaker Studio license. Please submit any licensing questions via the contact form.

An Engine For All

Edge Engine modules come in three categories represented as Red, Green, and Blue: Systems, Utilities, and Features.

Systems are the largest components of Edge Engine--complete groundwork solutions for different genres or major game operations. Add Edge Engine RED modules to your projects and instantly have thousands of lines of code done for you, all boiled down into a few simple, intelligent functions.

Utilities cover the invisible aspects of a game--those pieces of the puzzle that only go noticed when they're missing, but when present greatly enhance and add to the user experience. Use Edge Engine GREEN modules to create professional projects without reinventing the wheel.

Features provide individual game elements in small, self-contained packages--easy to use for beginners, powerful and time-saving for professionals. Edge Engine BLUE modules give your projects the high-quality presentation they need.


Edge Engine is written in pure GML. This means most modules can be deployed to any platform supported by GameMaker Studio without modification*.

*additional export module and third-party developer fee requirements apply. Learn more

Extensively Documented

Edge Engine is designed to be as easy to pick up as possible, but even so, you're not left in the dark to figure it out for yourself. There are no stupid questions, and each Edge Engine module includes extensive documentation in an attractive, easy-to-read format so your questions can be answered before you've even thought to ask them. Documentation is also provided as an online or downloadable resource so you've always got help right at your fingertips—and you can see how Edge Engine works for yourself before you buy!

Available Now

Can't wait to try Edge Engine? Good news! You don't have to. Each new module is made public as it is completed, so you don't have to wait to start using Edge Engine tools in your projects. All current modules are available for purchase now, with more always on the way.

An engine that's always growing—now that's living on the edge.